The Spirit posters

Hey, remember that time you saw a poster for a movie and thought sweet Jesus there'll never be a cooler bunch of artwork than that? Well turns out you were wrong, because the new outdoor artwork for Frank Miller's THE SPIRIT just dropped and, well, just check it out for yourself. Click on frame one BELOW to check out the whole thing:

THE SPIRIT is about a rookie cop Denny Colt (Gabriel Macht) who returns from the beyond as "The Spirit", a hero whose mission is to fight against the bad forces in Central City. Samuel L. Jackson stars as "The Octopus", a dude who was his bombarded with gamma rays while playing with an Octopus and now has eight arms. Nah, that's not true, he just kills people who see his face, but mine was better, right?. Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Jaime King and Paz Vega co-star as the embodiment of my dreams.
Extra Tidbit: Sure I'm taking it way out of context but so what: Frank Miller called The Spirit "a slut".
Source: SHH



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