The Star Wars saga is getting a re-release in 3D

If you've been hoping George Lucas would continue to mess around with the beloved original STAR WARS movies, good news!

As rumored, the entire STAR WARS series is getting converted to 3D format and released into theaters starting in 2012. Lucas was reportedly convinced by AVATAR's unprecedented success that STAR WARS was ready for the 3D treatment, but has supposedly been waiting for there to be sufficient screen place for such a considerable/profitable event (and isn't just out of touch and/or behind the times, as the more cynical might believe).

The plan is to begin with THE PHANTOM MENACE and then release the next episode around the same date each following year, depending on the response to the first one.

The 3D plan comes (unsurprisingly) not long after the announcement that the whole saga will finally be released on Blu-Ray (in a box set only) in Fall 2011. Which, of course, most of us will buy.

Will you pay to see STAR WARS in 3D? Cast your vote here!

Meanwhile, for a reminder of the enduring greatness of the OT, you can always count on... the fans:

Extra Tidbit: With the extra dimension, the prequel Anakin will now have two! Now stir up those midichlorians and hold me like you did by the lake on Naboo.
Source: THR



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