The Strangers poster

We covered THE STRANGERS panel as part of the Rogue/Focus onslaught of the Comic Con this past week, and even though the film still hasn't decided on a release date yet, we were able to nab a cleaner version of the poster that we snapped off at the Con last week and you can check that out below. The film stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman and takes place over 4 hours as their night is interrupted by a knock at the door and the living hell that comes with it -- three masked crazies torment the couple by trying to get in the house to kill them. PS: Under any other circumstances, seeing Liv Tyler crawling toward me on the floor would be quite the sight. As is...not so much... :)

Extra Tidbit: Scott Speedman auditioned for the role of "Robin" in BATMAN FOREVER, but the role eventually went to Chris O'Donnell. Chris O'Who? Exactly! Thank your lucky stars you didn't get it, big man.
Source: JoBlo.com



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