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The Thing morphs into a redband trailer


I'm a little skeptical about reboots of any classic horror film, and THE THING certainly qualifies in that regard. Sure in the modern era we have better CGI for monster effects, and more advanced uses of gore, but is that enough reason to remake a film? The studios certainly seem to think so.

There's a new short redband trailer for THE THING that you can check out below. It's only a minute long, but they've crammed in a few gory deaths to suit a gorehounds fix for the moment. The problem with these redband spots is that they can actually give some of the better kills away, which is often half the point of movies like this.

Check it out for yourself below and see what you make of the new blood-soaked spot.

Extra Tidbit: Sort of reminds me a touch of Necromorphs from Dead Space, but able to look fully human.
Source: JoBlo.com



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