The Tiger is yet another possible Darren Aronofsky project - with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

Darren Aronofsky is one hell of a busy filmmaker -- at least on the internet.

In the past couple of weeks, we've seen his name supposedly associated in some way with PREACHER, SUPERMAN, TALES FROM THE GANGSTER SQUAD, WOLVERINE 2, and now THE TIGER (again).

According to this interview, screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga (BABEL, 21 GRAMS and the underappreciated THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADA) says the project is set to begin location scouting and will shoot next year with Brad Pitt and possibly Angelina Jolie.

We first heard about the project several months back -- Arriaga adapted it from John Vaillant's nonfiction book that "takes place on the Siberian plain, where human development is encroaching on the tigers' habitat -- and one tiger turns on the intruders. With townspeople being tracked and hunted with an almost supernatural power, a conservationist game warden must face down the tiger. It is a fight that only one of them can win."

The man-vs.-nature GHOST AND THE DARKNESS-ish tale would finally get Pitt and Aronofsky together, after they previously tried and failed on THE FOUNTAIN and (reportedly) THE FIGHTER. The inclusion of Jolie to this project is new, however -- perhaps that sort of combined star wattage got the filmmaker the green he needs.

Extra Tidbit: I'd still love to see Aronofsky tackle a comic book movie or some wild sci-fi.



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