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What's the word on The Tree of Life?


This Monday morning those who attended the Cannes Film Festival finally got to see THE TREE OF LIFE. What did they think of Terrence Malick's magnum opus?

Much of the reviews are either filled with praise or confusion. Many critics often using the word "ambitious" when describing their overall feelings. But the ambition tends to either be forgiving or not-so-forgiving depending upon who you ask. There's also many comparisons to Malick's previous film, THE NEW WORLD.

In addition to posting a few reviews from around the net, The Huffington Post also mentions that the end of the film brought some booing from the audience.

Unfortunately the rest of us don't get to give our own opinions until May 26th when the film opens in limited release. Until then, if you want to check out some of the reviews head here. I also found a neat graphic over at FILMdetail which you can see below.

Source: FILMdetail



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