The Wachowski siblings' top secret war movie project is real and looking for cash

For a few months now, we've heard that MATRIX-makers Andy and Lana (once Larry) Wachowski have been quietly putting together some kind of secret sci-fi war movie. They've even shot footage featuring Jesse Ventura and blog queen Arianna Huffington (seen here with the siblings).

Nobody seemed to really have a handle on just what the project is, but now Deadline has discovered that the script is being shopped at Cannes in search of financiers.

Deadline describes it as "a drama that focuses on a "hard R" homosexual relationship between a U.S. soldier and an Iraqi. It's a cinema verite-style treatment that begins in the near future and then spans back over years that include the current war in Iraq."

It's reported that the Wachowskis have finished the script and want to direct... so what have they been shooting? Test footage for digital equipment? A promo reel? Proof of concept? Material that will be implemented in the eventual film? It seems they have a little more in hand than a screenplay so far.

However it turns out, it will almost assuredly be different from whatever we expect. Assuming they find someone to fork over the necessary funds to make it.

Extra Tidbit: Let's hope they manage to keep some of the specifics hush for a while. How spoiled would THE MATRIX have been online if it was made today?



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