The way better version of Clash of the Titans you didn't see

The main complaint about CLASH OF THE TITANS thus far has been its hit-or-miss CGI, and its rather horrendous translation in 3D in post-production. But for those of us who looked passed the special effects and tried to comprehend that exceptionally disjointed story of the film, it turns out there’s a reason for the mess we found.

CHUD’s Devin Faraci has written a very interesting piece where he researches just what the hell went wrong with TITANS’ story, and why it appears so muddled onscreen. As he found out, the original cut of the film was much different than what we saw in theaters, hence why a lot of scenes had to be reshot post-production. For starters, the major change was that the main villain of the film was Zeus, not Hades, and the gods had a much larger role in the film, which actually explains a lot of plot inconsistencies in the film. Minor spoilers below:

“The most drastic changes in the film come at the expense of the gods. Many watching the movie wonder why Danny Huston would have been hired to play Poseidon when he has almost absolutely nothing to do in the film; the answer is that nearly two thirds of the business with the gods was edited out of the film, and the very tenor of the god scenes was changed in fundamental ways.

In the original version of Clash, Zeus is the bad guy. He's a god who has sort of lost it, and it's unmistakably his fault that the humans have turned against the Olympians. The rest of the gods play a significant role in events, especially Apollo and Athena, who barely appear in the theatrical cut of the film. The younger generation of gods are afraid, realizing that Zeus' mismanagement has led them to a serious crossroads in their history, and that if they don't take action, they'll lose all their power.”

It really is an interesting read, and speaks to just how much a film can be changed at the last minute, even after filming has wrapped. Check out the full story over at CHUD.

Extra Tidbit: Go see HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON instead, trust me.
Source: CHUD



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