The week in Tarantino: Smurfs, lawsuit, Weinstein documentary

Quentin Tarantino may not have won any Oscars for his last movie, and he may not have announced his next one yet, but there always seems to be something QT-related to discuss.

Alan Cumming is voicing one of the little blue bipeds in the SMURFS movie, and the actor (no stranger to the color thanks to X2) told MTV that Quentin Tarantino was providing his manic delivery to Papa Smurf's super-smart right-hand man Brainy. Alas, QT's "people" swiftly denied the rumor. Too bad there isn't a Smurf named Spastic.

Also raising the needle on the chuckle-meter is the TMZ report that some dude is suing Tarantino and the Weinsteins, claiming that they ripped off his ideas and implemented them in KILL BILL. Sure, makes sense.

And a NY Times article regarding an unauthorized biopic about notorious producer/shark Harvey Weinstein states that QT himself is "considering a competing project that would chronicle Mr. Weinstein’s professional life, which has ranged from work as a concert promoter in Buffalo, through the heyday of Miramax, which released hits like PULP FICTION and SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE and beyond."

Tarantino's PR human admitted that he was "unofficially kicking around the idea" of a Weinstein documentary. Along with a dozen or so other projects, of course.

Extra Tidbit: We'll probably be back next week with more from the prolific talker and procrastinating filmmaker, since he'll almost certainly be at the SXSW Festival chatting up a frenzy.
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