'The Wolfman' does not have 2 different cuts being edited

There was apparently a bit of hullabaloo yesterday in regards to information on Universal's THE WOLFMAN. Basically, there was confusion as to whether or not director Joe Johnston and Universal were fighting over final cut of the film. But Ain't It Cool's Mr. Beaks cleared it right up, getting word straight from one of the film's producers, Scott Stuber:

"It was Joe Johnston's idea to bring in editor Walter Murch after the spring '09 reshoots to supply a 'fresh perspective' and, most importantly, get the film in shape. 'We were running a little long in that phase because we'd added new footage,' said Stuber. 'So it was about shaping that footage. There's never been that kind of contention; it's never been this editing suite vs. that editing suite.' Stuber had nothing but praise for Dennis Virkler's work, and insisted this was all about getting a new pair of eyes."

These clarifications have also brought some interesting info to light on the behind the scenes of a film whose anticipation seems to have become very positive in recent months.

"Moving the release date from November to February was all about finishing the f/x, particularly in that London sequence. 'You have all of these backgrounds you've got to get right,' said Stuber. 'All of these period buildings and the way they're lit. They weren't getting finished correctly, so they sort of took you out of [the film] a little bit. Getting the extra six weeks to work on that stuff was helpful.'"

For more on what's been going on with the film, head over to Ain't It Cool News. THE WOLFMAN opens wide February 12.
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