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The Wolfpack graces a set of new Hangover 2 character posters


You know, I'm hoping that THE HANGOVER PART II is as good as the first, but part of the charm of the original wasn't just the jokes, but the overall concept which was new for a comedy in that genre.

But now with the location moved and someone else missing, it all seems a bit done before. But I'm sure the new ridiculous scenarios will be funny, and this will end up being better than most new comedies we see out these days.

In keeping with the theme of repetition, the film has come out with a series of character posters that are well, exactly like ones from the first movie. Although the inexplicable animal this time is a monkey, not a tiger. Big moves!

Check them out below, and click to make each bigger over at the Pimpin' Poster Palace.

Extra Tidbit: What's going to be the explanation for triple memory loss this time?



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