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The Wright Stuff 2: Edgar Wright programs a film festival at LA's New Beverly Theater


If you're in the Los Angeles vicinity and you love movies, there's not a lot of valid excuses for missing out on some killer double-features at the New Beverly Cinema, particularly considering they're being programmed by brilliant Brit Edgar Wright.

As he did several years ago, Wright (with special guests TBA) is putting several of his favorite movies on the big screen this month, beginning January 14th.

Kicking it off with his own SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ and SCOTT PILGRIM, the filmmaker will then host classic match-ups like BRAZIL/DELICATESSEN, THE DRIVER/DUEL, FRENZY/DRESSED TO KILL, and WILD AT HEART/TRUE ROMANCE, among others

Get the entire schedule for The Wright Stuff II, plus comments on the lineup from the director himself, right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: You may recall that Quentin Tarantino rescued the New Beverly from possible extinction in early 2010.
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