The X-Files plot?

I spent a full day on the set of the X-FILES sequel and still didn't come away with a full grasp on the plot of the film. Fox and the producers have done an amazing job at keeping it secret but now, courtesy of those blasted book publishers, the plot may have leaked out. A source claims to have copied the blurb from the back of the upcoming X-FILES novelization that describes the film as such (obvious SPOILERS lie ahead):


Keep in mind it's unclear how legit this is. But it seems to jive somewhat with what I saw on set and what we saw in the teaser trailer. I've put out a few feelers to trustworthy sources but so far no confirmation yet. Stay tuned!...

UPDATE - I heard word from an independent source who confirmed the news and gave me a full print out of the book's retail information including the book's ISBN number (that I was able to confirm was correct)...

UPDATE 2 - Hey! Where'd my plot description go? It just up and vanished. Now there's an X-File for ya... Since the plot description was removed at the request of FOX, I'll just tell you it was a comedy of errors that involved a double-dutch jumproping competition. You should see Mulder do a mule kick!!

Source: WikipediaJoBlo.com



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