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There is one wicked game to be played in latest Game of Thrones trailer


It's been a great deal of hinting and teasing from HBO as we inch closer to the Season Six premiere of GAME OF THRONES, but finally today we're getting a bit of a quick taste of what's to come this year within the Seven Kingdoms.

There's a great deal of despair and self-doubt in Westeros among the many characters we've gotten to know and love and fear and hate over the years, with many of them questioning where they are in life, how they got there and how they might be able to emerge from it unscathed. Things do feel rather hopeless as this trailer begins... and then the violence begins and, once again, you'd be safe to assume that we have a wild and crazy ride ahead of us for Season Six.

Season Six of HBO's GAME OF THRONES premieres on April 24.

Source: HBO



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