There was an early screening of Little Fockers and we've got a review

Last night Universal Pictures test screened LITTLE FOCKERS here in New Jersey and while I couldn't make it, I sent one of my NJ spies to go check it out. The trailer for the film will be online soon (and in theaters with GROWN UPS) but here's our first look at what the film is about. We've kept the spoilers to a minimum but our reader says the film is "unnecessary" but still "hilarious." Check it out below!


The film picks up five years after the events of Meet the Fockers. Greg and Pam are now the parents of soon-to-be five year old twins, named Henry and Sam. Greg's been under a lot of pressure - he's been overseeing renovations on their new home and enjoying a higher position at the hospital, both of which do not help with raising two kids. (He's no longer just a nurse.)

To make matters worse, Jack (Robert DeNiro in top form) is concerned about the future of his family, as he has been its "leader" for some time, and is now looking to entrust Greg with the title of Byrnes Family Keeper. Of course, this leads to the usual antics between the two, and Jack once again seeing if he can trust Greg with the well-being of his loved ones.

I'll just come out and say it first thing: the film worked, and had a good share of hilarious gags and big laughs, none of which I will give away here. However, I will say that there were at least two instances where I was in pain from laughing so hard. It also sported a supporting role from Jessica Alba - she plays a drug rep in talks with Greg about a new medication for the hospital - which wasn't as bad as I expected, and this film was probably the best stuff I've seen from her since, well, I can't remember when.

Here's what I didn't like:

- Barbra Streisand reprises her role as Greg's mom Roz, and she is totally underused; she pops up three times in the movie and says nothing remotely funny.

-No Dustin Hoffman. Are you kidding?! They referenced his absence through some poor excuse, and I believe his presence would have definitely given this film a good boost. Guess he didn't need the paycheck.

- Owen Wilson. His role as Kevin plays a more substantial part this time around like in the original film, but I found him annoying, as I did in the previous two films. His character comes off as irritating and obnoxious. I did not find him humorous.

- Harvey Keitel. Loved that this guy has a bit role as a contractor, but it's just that - a bit role. He seemed wasted, and was another character not entirely funny.

- The two twins. While I thoroughly enjoyed the one-liners from Henry, Samantha came off as a little brat. (You'll understand when you see the film...or you won't.) However, my real pickle with the two of them is that they're criminally underused. If you are going to name the film after the two young tykes, then get them involved more. The previous two films centered around the Byrnes and Focker elders and their relationship with their son-in-law/son, and I think that's part of the reason those films worked. (The titles obviously fit those films, too.) While Greg's relationship with his children was a major part of the story this time around, it still wasn't as fleshed out as it should or could have been.

Although this film is exactly six months to the day from release, it seems like it pretty much complete, and is fine as is. I read online some place recently that Raven Symone was playing the nanny of the two kids, but she was nowhere to be found in this film. If she was originally supposed to be in the film and did shoot her part, I guess it's already on the cutting room floor.

Overall, all of these flaws can be considered minor, because as I aforementioned, the films does pull it off, and the story was enjoyable enough. Was it unnecessary? Sure, but it capped off the series in a well-rounded manner and had the theatre in stitches. Meet the Fockers is still my favorite of the three, but if I had to rank them, I would put that film first, and have Little Fockers on par with Meet the Parents for a close second.

In other words, if you liked the first two, you're almost bound to like this one.

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