There Will Be Trailer II

Paul Thomas Anderson's film THERE WILL BE BLOOD - which has been receiving some of the best reviews I've ever read - has gotten itself a new theatrical trailer which you can check out over HERE. There's not a great deal of new footage, and to be honest I preferred the last one, but it's stylistically a little different and there's definitely enough in it to make it worth a look. Daniel Day-Lewis (perhaps even more than usual) looks tremendous, channeling a performance that is fifty percent sociopath and fifty percent just down right awesome. The film, based on the novel 'Oil!' by Upton Sinclair, is a 'story about family, greed, religion, and oil, centered around a turn-of-the-century Texas prospector (Daniel Day-Lewis) in the early days of the business'. Paul Dano co-stars. We've all seen at the very least, one PT Anderson flick that we love (hell, I've loved all of 'em save for SYDNEY/HARD EIGHT), so I'm sure we'll be checking this one out.

Extra Tidbit: Finally an Oscar for PT Anderson? Oscar for Daniel Day-Lewis? Is it too early to say?
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