There's blood on the ice in new Let Me In poster

Yes, it might the most unnecessary remake this side of Spider-Man, but Matt Reeves LET ME IN actually looks well, good, at least judging by the first teaser trailer from last week.

But of course, by “good” I mean exactly like LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, which by default means it must be somewhat decent. I was surprised to see the familiar snowscape, as I remember reading that the locale of the film had been moved to the desert of New Mexico some time ago.

Below (via Empire) we have the UK poster for the film, featuring some of the dreary ice we know and love from the original film which has made its way into this one. The blood effects are cool, but the MATT REEVES and CLOVERFIELD text is a bit too prominent for my taste.

Check it out below, and click to see it bigger over at the Pimpin’ Poster Palace.

Extra Tidbit: If you direct a movie that is a shot for shot, line by line remake of another good movie, have you really accomplished something?



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