Theroux gets High

The Danny McBride comedy YOUR HIGHNESS already has one of the hottest casts in town. Besides McBride there's James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel. And those were just the good guys. Now Justin Theroux has joined the cast of the comedy as the film's villain.

HIGHNESS stars McBride as a pot smoking slacker in medieval times who must get his shit together in time to save the kingdom. Theroux will play a sorcerer who has kidnapped a princess (Deschanel). While Theroux is no stranger to playing the villain (see: CHARLIE'S ANGELS 2), he's become more notable of late for his screenwriting duties. His work on TROPIC THUNDER earned him the job writing the IRON MAN 2 script, where he spent a considerable amount of time on set working with director Jon Favreau. HIGHNESS is currently filming in Ireland under the direction of David Gordon Green (PINEAPPLE EXPRESS).

Extra Tidbit: "I'm so high, just call me your highness / and if you don't know me then pardon my shyness."
Source: THR



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