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These new images for Star Trek Into Darkness show weaponry and interesting tech


I sense that the excitement level for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is through the roof. At least it is for everyone I know. The new trailer was full of awesome villainy thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch. There's also still a debate on which villain he is: Khan or Gary Mitchell? Or neither? I figured with the inclusion of Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve). But anything is possible at this stage of the game.

Some new images have popped up from the film thanks to the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS app and Empire Magazine. I'm loving the look of the latest installment so far, and the weaponry is quite cool. But what is the MC-9321? On the side you can see that it says "PHOTO93," is this short for Photon? Does this have anything to do with the Genesis Project? When May 17th gets here, we will surely find out.

Check out the photos below.

Source: ComingSoonEmpire



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