These three frames of footage from Star Trek Into Darkness are all about Spock

Star Trek cast 656

Three frames of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS await you somewhere below, buried within the clip from Conan.

"Three frames?" you scoff? "That's all?" "Three frames?!" you scream? "A MEASLY THREE FRAMES, J.J. ABRAMS?!" Now before you get all grumbly (as I did when I first encountered this news), it turns out that Abrams wasn't just being secretive and coy to the point of absurdity.  No, it was actually the higher-ups this time who told him that he couldn't show a clip longer than three frames.  So that's exactly what he did.  And here it is.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS invites you to live long and prosper on May 17th, 2013.

Star Trek Into Darkness Conan Spock still

Extra Tidbit: In light of Abram's penchant for secrecy and slow burn publicity, I've decided to basically just ignore the fact that STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS exists unless a story comes up about it. Otherwise, considering how much I loved the first film, in my non-work hours it's just easier and less agonizing to forget until next May rolls around.
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