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These two international posters for Resident Evil: Retribution want you to know that the ultimate battle is beginning


Resident Evil: Retribution thin banner

There has been a veritable smorgasbord of posters released for RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION (we seventeen in the PPP), all seemingly sprung from the design perspective of "let's put Milla Jovovich in every possible action pose." And these two new international posters are no different, though to be fair one of them does have Ada Wong. Because someone on the advertising team must have felt "let's put Milla Jovovich in every possible action pose" needed a bit of Resident Evil fan service to remind people that this is, you know, a Resident Evil movie.

The Ultimate Battle Begins September 14th for those of you in Canada and the US.  For those of you who are not, which is probably more relevant considering these are international posters, you can click right here for a list of official release dates in various countries worldwide.

Resident Evil: Retribution international poster 1

Resident Evil: Retribution international poster 2

Extra Tidbit: Are you planning to see RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION in theaters?



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