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Things get personal in the final trailer for The Expendables 3


August is usually the weakest month of the summer with kids getting ready to go back to school, but with the next three weeks premiering GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, and THE EXPENDABLES 3, August is looking more solid than it has in a long time.

While everyone is tied up worrying about whether THE EXPENDABLES 3 will be affected by the recent leak of the film online, the marketing has continued to ramp up for the theatrical release of the film in just a few weeks. To help sell the film, here is one final trailer to try and win over any fans who weren't already excited for the movie.

Giving a little more footage featuring MMA fighter Ronda Rousey kicking ass in a sexy red dress, Antonio Banderas delivering the best line of the film so far, and Harrison Ford accidentally blowing shit up, this final trailer goes out with a bang. Whether THE EXPENDABLES 3 is the last film in the franchise or not, the movie still looks like it may be the most fun of the three.

THE EXPENDABLES 3 hits theaters hard on August 15th.

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