Third Batman movie titled The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan sat down for a BATMAN themed interview with The LA Times and while he didn't say much, he did reveal that the title for his upcoming third (and final?) film would be THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. It's a smart choice marketing wise because it capitalizes on the TDK name, which was so popular worldwide, without getting confused with "The Dark Knight Returns." It also prevents me from having to type BATMAN 3 all the time.

While Nolan was mostly mum about the film, he did offer up two interesting tidbits. First, the film's villain will NOT be The Riddler. So put your Photoshops away. The Times notes that Nolan previously ruled out Mr. Freeze so there are two rather large villains in the Batman mythology that we know will not be making the transition. (The article speculates Hugo Strange, a theory I very much agree with.)

Nolan also confirms that the film will NOT be in 3D. The director wasn't interested in the approach and was happy to see that Warner Bros. agreed. He will however continue to use HD cameras and the Imax format to expand the visual scope of the film (whether we'll get more than the six-minutes of TDK in Imax remains to be seen).

The full interview hasn't been posted yet (they promise more details later in the day) but head here to check it out for yourself.

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Source: LA Times



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