Third Gremlins is a go in 3D?

The usually reliable folks over at MarketSaw claim that they have inside info that GREMLINS 3 is going ahead and it's (surprise!) going to be in 3D. They’re very adamant to say that this is NOT a 3D adaptation of the old films or a remake, rather an entirely new installment that’s being developed.

I can understand why this is happening as (old movie people like) + (3D) = (cash money), but (good idea) isn’t necessarily a part of that equation. Did I like the old GREMLINS movies? Sure. Do I want to see more of them clawing at my face in 3D? Eh.

Asking for original properties in Hollywood these days is like shaking your fist at the sun, telling it to stop being so damn bright all the time, so I won’t complain too much more about another old franchise being zombiefied. Just put some effort in, make a real go of it and maybe I’ll give you $12.

Extra Tidbit: Also, not sure if we mentioned this last week, but MarketSaw also claims GHOSTBUSTERS 3 is going to be in 3D. Probably a good call.
Source: MarketSaw



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