This! Is! Moses!

Moses is a gnarly dude, kids!

Wanna make kids more interested in the bible? Fox has  a solution: Lots of CG, rippling pecs and slow-motion blood splatter all over!

The studio and prodcuer Peter Chernin are developing a pitch to tell the story of Moses from infancy to Red Sea in a style that would make Zach Snyder proud, mapping their project along the lines of the latter's 300 by way of BRAVEHEART, so as to make the story an epic action/fantasy flic rather then a Charlton Heston classic. 'cause Yul Brynner woulda been scarier in super-slo-mo 3D.

Scribes Adam Cooper and Bill Collage are contracted to bring the story about, having just completed a similar treatment for MOBY DICK. The aim is for them to reach as much for the bible as other historical and mythological  sources. So that Ramses might be 10 feet tall and full o'bling. And latex.

Extra Tidbit: Who is worthy of stepping into Heston's gun-totting shoes? And Brynner's?
Source: Variety



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