Thor begins in Jan

It's time for the hammer to fall.

Pretty cheesy opening, huh? Anyway, some good news is coming from Production Weekly's twitter account: "Filming on Marvel's "Thor" is scheduled to begin in LA mid-January, then move to Santa Fe, New Mexico from March till late-April."

Who's excited? It was sort of disappointing to hear that Alexander Skarsgard would not be the mighty God of thunder, but at least his Dad, Stellan got a part. Not sure what part it was though.

I really think this is going to be insanely epic. For starters, you've got Kenneth Branagh directing. That automatically makes it worth seeing. Then there's some good names in the cast: Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. As for the casting of Chris Hemsworth as THOR, I think it's alright. I won't lay any real judgment on him until I see the movie.

On a side note, what the f*ck is going to happen with THE AVENGERS movie? One minute it's on, the next minute it's too big to even attempt. Part of me really wants to see it happen, then again I really don't want it ruined. Is it really impossible?

I'll use any excuse to throw in a pic of Natalie.
Extra Tidbit: I want more news on the Captain America film. I still can't decide who I'd want to play Cap.
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