Thor, Loki and Odin in a brand new Thor pic! Plus 3D news!

First, the news you expected to hear at some time: both THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA will be released in 3D. And no, neither film is/was shot in 3D. Both of the Marvel films will use the controversial conversion process that has produced rather disappointing results for films like CLASH OF THE TITANS, THE LAST AIRBENDER and ALICE IN WONDERLAND. It seems as if directors Kenneth Branagh and Joe Johnston were both skeptical of the process but both drank the Kool-Aid rather quickly (one wonders if they were even given a choice) and both claim to be excited about the conversion. Expect a good deal of time at the Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel on Saturday night to address the issue and ease the concerns of wary fanboys.

And with that news comes something a little less expected: a new pic from THOR! It's only the second official shot from the film and it gives us our first look at Anthony Hopkins' Odin and Tom Hiddleston's Loki. You can click the photo below to see it in hi-res at the LA Times website.

Extra Tidbit: Johnston attempted to use 3D cameras to film CAPTAIN AMERICA but said it was a "nightmare."
Source: LA Times



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