Thor takes a meeting

There's a running joke amongst us webmasters about a phenomenon called "taking a meeting." It was, I believe, coined by Devin of CHUD or Ryan from STYD and is used to describe an article run by a site where an actor who's ever met with a studio or director is listed as being in the running for their next project. Some people have a problem with this type of thing. Me?, I think it's fun as long as you remember what it's almost always rampant speculation. The latest "take a meeting" story involves who may or may not be talking with Kenneth Branagh about starring in THOR. Latino Review has a scoop that says "True Blood" actor and Thor look-alike Alexander SkarsgÄrd had lunch with Branagh recently. To paraphrase Pee-Wee Herman, what's the significance? I don't know! Maybe they were talking about whether it was smart for the Dodgers to resign Manny Ramirez. Maybe they were talking about that really cute YouTube video where the little girl talks about kittens. But then maybe there were talking about THOR. Skarsgard certainly looks the part. Only time will tell if this meeting/lunch will materialize into something substantial.

Extra Tidbit: Alexander is Stellan's son.
Source: Latino Review



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