Thor's bro Liam Hemsworth joins Arabian Knights - in 3D, of course

Chris Hemsworth might have received all the attention for landing the lead in THOR, but his kid brother Liam also seems to be on the way up.

Liam will lend his ample brows to ARABIAN KNIGHTS, an upcoming 3D action-adventure from Chuck Russell (ERASER, THE MASK).

The movie is described as a  period epic that "centers on a young commander (Hemsworth) who, after his king is murdered in a coup, joins forces with Sinbad and Aladdin to rescue Queen Scheherazade." The other swarthy swashbucklers have yet to be announced.

The influential centuries-old tales of the Arabian Knights have been retold countless times in film, TV and print, with Disney's ALADDIN perhaps the biggest commercial success.

Aussie Hemsworth, who apparently may be best known for his association with Miley Cyrus (um...), was also seen in KNOWING and the recent mindjob thriller TRIANGLE.

Extra Tidbit: A few years ago, Keanu Reeves was going to play Sinbad in a big-budget action movie from Rob Cohen (XXX, STEALTH) before the project sunk.
Source: THR



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