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Thor's new recruits


Jaimie's got a sword...

Kenneth Branagh's THOR movie is coming along nicely it seems, even if it's coming along only in two years. And from the look of it, it's coming along shrouded in mystery.

The film got added itself an ally and a baddy, the first being lovely Jaimie Alexander whose resume I couldn't care less about - just look at those eyes! As an evil-doer will be the usually impressive Canuck Colm Feore.

Alexander will done the armor as the warrior Sif, so that's one less hope for Diora Baird in Asgardian clothing. Feore's role is only referred to as a foe to the titular hero, and nothing more will be told. According to THOR casting" href="//www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/film/news/e3ie2038d49cf28a7300e7c9ae94ef8a6c3" target="_blank">The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is so paranoid on the script they're not sending it to actors until they're ready to get rolling. Nice try guys, we'll get that darn thing eventually!

Extra Tidbit: So who in Thor's rogue gallery could Feore be playing?



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