Three How to Train Your Dragons, Four Madagascars and Six Kung Fu Pandas

Dreamworks Animation has a creative plan for the next decade or so:


If it made money once, it'll make money two, three or six times, right? Emprie caught up with Jeffrey Katzenberg who laid out just how many sequels we'll see from the three tentpole properties of the studio, which is three Dragons, four Madagascars and six, count 'em six Pandas.

"So today I can tell you pretty succinctly where Madagascar goes. Ultimately they will come back to New York, and they will come to terms with that, which they will do in this next chapter. Because of the way that movie concludes there’s probably one more for them…"

"Yeah, there’s probably a fourth there. Kung Fu Panda actually has 6 chapters to it, and we’ve mapped that out over the years. How To Train Your Dragon is at least three: maybe more, but we know there are a least three chapters to that story. There are actually 8 books."

Lord almighty, SIX Kung Fu Panda movies? It's like the animated version of SAW. And do people actually like MADAGASCAR? I see they keep making them, yet I'm never quite sure why. This makes two HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON sequels seem reasonable, though I have trouble imagining the quality will be maintained from the first one.

Are you pumped for over a half dozen more Dreamworks sequels? Think of all those raised eyebrow movie posters!

Extra Tidbit: What, no OVER THE HEDGE chapters 2-8?
Source: Empire



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