Three more to Hell

CLOVERFIELD star Jessica Lucas, Lorna Raver and David Paymer have all signed on to co-star in Sam Raimi's upcoming horror flick DRAG ME TO HELL. The trio join the already cast Alison Lohman (who stepped in to replace Ellen Page) and Justin Long. Lucas will play the roommate of Lohman's character who is the recipient of a vengeful curse by an old Easter European woman (Raver). Paymer will play Lohman's boss, a bank manager. While Raimi has been producing plenty of horror pics through his Ghost House Pictures production company (including THE GRUDGE), HELL will be the first horror film he's directed since 1992's ARMY OF DARKNESS (though is AOD even considered a full-fledged horror film?). In addition to directing, Raimi co-wrote the script with his brother Ivan. Lucas has another horror film on the way, the Picturehouse scary clown movie AMUSEMENT. Filming on HELL will begin on Monday in Los Angeles.

Extra Tidbit: Sam Raimi has included a 1973 yellow Oldsmobile Delta in every film he has directed except THE QUICK AND THE DEAD.



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