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Three ride Secretariat


Malkovich as teddy KGB

I'd usually try to slip in a few "Seabiscuit 2: Electric Boogaloo" jokes at another underdog race horse real-life movie, but this one just got itself Malkovich and Scott Glenn, and you just don't mess around with those guys. Or the bunny gets it.

Both actors along with Dylan Walsh are joining the ever-gorgeous Diane Lane in SECRETARIAT, about a housewife who breaks into the male-dominated "sport" when she inherits a horse farm from her dad. Walsh is the repressive husband, Glenn is a poor schmuck who loses the titular animal in a coin toss and Malkovich is a former jock who trains the horse to a Triple Crown win in 1973. And he will splash the pot whenever the f*ck he pleases.

Randall Wallace directs from a script by FINDING FORRESTER scribe Mike Rich. Release is set for October next year.

Extra Tidbit: "Mr. Son of a beetch, let's play some cards!" There should be a Teddy KGB spin-off movie.



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