Tim Burton directs Addams Family for Universal

Tim Burton just wrapped the wildly successful (at least on a commercial level) ALICE IN WONDERLAND for Disney and now he's moving on to another animation studio. Don't get too excited, he's not making a film with Pixar but he's heading over to Chris Meladandri's Illumination Entertainment where he'll direct a stop-motion animated film based on THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

I know most of you are probably rolling your eyes around in your head in disbelief but if it's any consolation, Burton's vision will apparently not be based on either the 1960s TV series or the 1990s movies from Paramount. Instead the project will take its inspiration from the many Charles Addams drawings that appeared in the New Yorker.

The project is currently set up at Universal where Illumination has a first-look deal (their DESPICABLE ME hits theaters this summer). Meladandri will produce the project with Burton directing from an as-yet-to-be hired writer. As you can expect, Burton will use the Addams drawings as a launching point but the visuals will be all his own.

No word on when filming might begin but it's possible the film might not see release until 2012 at the earliest. Illumination is already working on HOP for 2011 and has WHERE'S WALDO, THE LORAX and FLANIMALS currently in the production timeline. Filming on this project isn't expected to impact Burton's other Disney film, the feature length adaptation of FRANKENWEENIE but what does it mean for other live-action pursuits remains unclear.

Extra Tidbit: I love Burton but c'mon dude.... Seriously?
Source: Deadline



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