Tim Burton set to begin work on Frankenweenie?

Last week, it was reported that Tim Burton would be bringing us his take on THE ADDAMS FAMILY, a stop-motion adaptation of the characters first featured in The New Yorker comic strip by Charles Adams. That report was soon after denied by Burton's people, which obviously caused some confusion with Mike Fleming's original Deadline report.

But whatever the case, it looks like we will be getting some form of macabre stop-motion from the kooky film director: FRANKENWEENIE.

AICN's Harry Knowles was at SXSW this past weekend and caught a screening of WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY (which I hear is terrific) and was able to hear first-hand in a post-film Q&A session from Don Hahn (director of WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY and a producer on FRANKENWEENIE) that things are apparently all set to go. Per AICN: "Don Hahn told us that the puppets are ready, the script is done and now that Tim Burton is clear of ALICE IN WONDERLAND... he's set to helm FRANKENWEENIE in 3D."

Talks about a feature film version of Burton's original 1984 short (which you already own if you have the THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Special Edition DVD) started a few years ago. It was reported by a few online outlets late this past year that voice casting was indeed underway, but no word on who, if anyone, was officially cast. I imagine that will change soon and we'll be hearing something in the coming weeks and months.
Extra Tidbit: This is old, but I always get a kick out of seeing what might've been...



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