Tim Robbins joins Green Lantern

The GREEN LANTERN movie has its ringbearer in Ryan Reynolds, and is now beginning to fill secondary roles with some high-end talent.

Tim Robbins has joined the big-budget story of DC Comics' classic hero, a test pilot named Hal Jordan who gets conscripted into the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps.

The Oscar-winning actor will play Senator Hammond, the father of the movie's main villain Hector Hammond (portrayed by Peter Sarsgaard), a pathologist who gets mental powers and (from what I can tell) spends much of his time trying to kill his disapproving dad.

The movie also features "Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively as Hal's gal pal Carol Ferris, and possibly Mark Strong (SHERLOCK HOLMES) as Corps member Sinestro, who trains Hal before ultimately turning on him (which I would label as a spoiler, but c'mon - the guy's name is Sinestro).

Although considering that director Martin Campbell (CASINO ROYALE) recently said that the movie's main character will spend a significant amount of his time away from Earth, it raises the question of how much screen time these human characters will actually see.

Extra Tidbit: Green Lantern's recent animated appearances have been voiced by "Law & Order" star Chris Meloni and videogame regular Nolan North (UNCHARTED, PRINCE OF PERSIA).
Source: Heat Vision



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