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Time to insert another coin; the Space Invaders movie has come back to Earth


It was almost three years ago when we told you a feature film based on the classic arcade game SPACE INVADERS was on the way. I guess the powers that be were waiting for some talented individuals to jump on board, and so here we are. Warner Bros. has acquired the films rights and brought on Akiva Goldsman (who wrote A BEAUTIFUL MIND and directed A WINTER'S TALE), Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell to produce the adaptation.

The classic '80s arcade game was all about pew-pew-pew! And of course wiping your pizza greased hands on your pants. More than all that though, it was about an invasion. Many of us went to war with those pesky aliens; it was a two-dimensional hell that left behind a lot of empty pockets and even more broken hearts. They just kept coming and coming, the laser cannon wasn’t fast enough to keep up! It was a continuous loop without an end! What the hell kind of movie will this be? They are adapting action figures, board games, video games, and arcade games. Man I want that person's job in Hollywood who goes around scouring family attics for ideas; I bet he just found a LITE-BRITE and is on the phone right now.

Whatever kind of movie this turns out to be, there is one undisputable fact that will stand true forever. Turtles In Time was the best arcade game ever.

Extra Tidbit: What do imagine they’re going to do with Space Invaders?
Source: The Wrap



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