Time to Wake the Dead

After toiling in comics for a decade on various horror titles and SPAWN books, writer Steve Niles became a hot Hollywood commodity when Sam Raimi plunked down a heavy sack of cash for the vampires-in-Alaska tale 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, followed by most of Niles' other comic projects getting grabbed for movie development. Just not with very quick results.

Now it sounds like his modernized take on the Frankenstein legend, titled WAKE THE DEAD, might finally be making it to screens. The property (based on the IDW comic) was previously set up at Dimension, with X2 co-writer Mike Dougherty penning a draft for Joel Schumacher (THE LOST BOYS) to direct.

But no longer -- Niles tells STYD that LADDER 49 director Jay Russell and BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA writer James V. Hart are working on it, with Niles himself more involved in the creative process. You can read what he has to say RIGHT HERE.

As you might guess, WAKE THE DEAD follows a group of med students who experiment with reanimating the dead. It goes as well as you'd expect.
Extra Tidbit: Niles once worked on a faithful graphic novel adaptation of Richard Matheson's vampire tale I AM LEGEND.
Source: STYD



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