Timothy Olyphant fills in for Shalto Copley on Number Four

Timothy Olyphant has stepped in to star in I AM NUMBER FOUR, the ambitious teen-oriented sci-fi pic at DreamWorks, after previous star Sharlto Copley (DISTRICT 9) was forced to drop out because of scheduling conflicts with his A-TEAM press tour. I'm not sure I entirely believe that excuse but I'll just leave it at that....

Olyphant will play Henri, the mentor to Number Four, played by Alexy Pettyfer. Number Four is one of nine aliens who escaped the destruction of their planet and are now hiding on Earth as teenagers (convenient). Somewhere along the way, they learn they are being hunted by the same enemy who destroyed their planet and must defend themselves and all us crazy Earthlings.

DJ Caruso (DISTURBIA) is directing the film with Michael Bay producing from a script by "Smallville" vets Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

Olyphant can currently be seen in the FX series "Justified" while, as previously mentioned, Copley stars as Murdock in Fox's THE A-TEAM. Filming on NUMBER FOUR is expected to begin next month in various locations including Pittsburgh.

Extra Tidbit: I feel bad for the kid who's named Number Two.
Source: Variety



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