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Tintin gets a new trailer full of action and...interesting CGI


You know, I want TINTIN to be amazing. I loved the books as a kid, and we really do need a new adventure/mystery type series that doesn't star Nicolas Cage. But will it live up to its potential?

You wouldn't imagine that Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg could team up to make a bad film, but that being said, I'm worried the visuals here might be too distracting. This second trailer shows a lot of new footage, and while the action looks cool, I can't say that I love these character animations.

The features are exaggerated to look like the comic characters, which I understand, but it doesn't quite translate into characters that are easy on the eyes, and they look downright weird at times. The movie looks good, but the CGI? I don't know...

Extra Tidbit: Haddock's head doesn't fit his body.
Source: JoBlo.com



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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