Titans and Potter films to be released in 3D!

You know those 3D tests we told you about earlier this week that would decide whether CLASH OF THE TITANS would be coming at you in an extra dimension this March? Well they apparently went so well they've officially decided to not only make CLASH a 3D release but they're also going to release HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (Parts 1 and 2) in 3D as well! (I'm using an exclamation point less because I'm excited and more because I'm just a little surprised!!)

The Hollywood Reporter says that Warner Bros. refused to comment on the news but an official release on CLASH is expected to come later this week. The studio will incur about $5 million in extra charges for each film to have it converted and have the costs of the 3D glasses covered. While it was originally reported that making the original release date of March 26 wasn't going to be a problem, it apparently was a little bit of a problem as they've decided to push back the release to April 2. The HARRY POTTER films will retain their original release dates of November 19th and July 15, 2011.

Besides hooking us in for a couple extra bucks, I'm not sure what 3D will add to either of these movies. But, of course, I'll be the sucker going to see it in 3D. Will you pay the extra cash to see a movie that's been upconverted to 3D?

Extra Tidbit: Still a little curious as to why Paramount/Marvel decided to not go 3D for IRON MAN 2...
Source: THR



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