TMNT hears more voices

The sultry cords of Mr. Patrick Stewart are no longer alone amidst the vocal talent for the upcoming CG Ninja Turtles romp, TMNT. After his part as bad guy Max Winters was announced yesterday, an anonymous scooper who claimed to work on the film skeeped us a scoop that Zhang Ziyi, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Chris Evans are also on board the movie. A little visit to USA Today a short while later proved this correct; it seems the disembodied voices of Evans, Gellar, and Ziyi will be respectively re-embodied on Casey Jones (since Elias Koteas’ performance was the best thing ever to happen to celluloid, I think for this part they should just insert stock footage from the first TURTLES movie), April O’Neil, and Karai, leader of the Foot Clan. Thrown in for good measure is a cameo by Kevin Smith as a greasy-spoon chef. The Turtles themselves have yet to overcome their particularly nasty cases of laryngitis and, when they do, they won’t come out sounding like anybody famous (or Corey Feldman); the plan is to cast unknown voices in the titular roles. Click HERE or on the pic above to get a better glimpse of Karai, to whom I'm intensely attracted, and the Ninjas at USA Today. TMNT opens March 30th.

Extra Tidbit: Koteas sighting! In the new trailer for SHOOTER, see if you can find him.
Source: USA Today



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