TMNT poster and more

Okay, we got a bunch of new posters to show you today and I’m late for a bikini wax (yes, a bikini wax, not my bikini wax, smartass; it’s a burgeoning spectator sport) so let’s keep this thing moving. First up is a new one-sheet for TMNT featuring the Turtles and their infernal posturing (and a new still from the film, as well). TMNT opens March 30th of next year.

Next is the latest poster for FAST TRACK, a movie that looks pretty funny and does feature Jason Bateman, after all, but got me a little worried when I felt like I pretty much saw the whole movie by watching the TRAILER. And now this poster makes me feel like I saw the movie at least twice. For awards consideration (?!), FAST TRACK will see a limited release on December 29th before going wide on January 19th.

Now it pains me to showcase a “Blue Collar” movie poster, let alone one that’s headlined by Larry the Cable Guy (due props: he was good in CARS), but this is a parody of the FULL METAL JACKET poster and that’s pretty cool. Check out a larger version at IMPawards. DELTA FARCE hits theaters May 11th.

Finally, film ick has four new one-sheets for the Anne Hathaway starrer BECOMING JANE, a biopic of a pre-fame Jane Austen, before she made CLUELESS and MAFIA!. Click this one to see the rest. The movie opens March 9th.

Extra Tidbit: The one-and-only Mako was announced as the voice of Splinter in TMNT at Comic Con the day before he died but he did finish most of his work on the film.
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