TMNT sequel on cards

I never saw the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES CG animated flick, I had already been scarred by the earlier bunch of crappy moviess, where they travel back in time to rural Japan. I often wonder which is more painful, watching TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES III or stealing a glance at Ghost Rider's penance stare. I'll probably check the movie out on DVD though, because hey, it's still TMNT and I grew up with those guys. Apparently now, a sequel is rated at 70-30 by Mirage Studios' Steve Murphy, so I guess that's pretty much a green light. Murphy said:

"As of two weeks ago Imagi Entertainment (the TMNT movie animation studio) informed Mirage Studios that there was a 50-50 chance of a CGI film sequel. Last week they upped the odds to 70-30 in favor of a sequel, as talks between Imagi and their distribution partners Warner Brothers and the Weinstein Group seem to be heading in a positive direction."

I guess we'll hear more in the coming weeks. So long as April is involved and there's no more time-swapping, I'll check the thing out.
Source: Dark Horizons



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