Todd Phillips says the guys will head for one night in Bangkok in The Hangover 2

Where will the three best friends that anyone could ever have plus Doug end up for their next wild night?

The location has gone from being Thailand, Mexico, back to Thailand, Pee Wee's Playhouse (just kidding), and now it seems that we've come back to Thailand. More precisely all the crazy hijinks will go down in the capital city of Bangkok.

Todd Phillips finally confirmed the news to Empire, "It takes place in Bangkok and LA. There's gonna be some fucked-up surprises."

What possible fucked up surprises could Phillips have in-store for us? According to Latino Review, their sources say that, "after a hard night of partying Stu gets really drunk and ends up sleeping with a Thai tranny. The next day the guys have to try and rehash the night and figure out what happened." Poor Stu. He finally breaks it off with that bitch Melissa, and this is what happens. But what about Jade? Did they get to go on that date? Phillips also confirmed the return of the boys as well as that crazy little man, "The three guys are back. Mr. Chow's back too."

Latino Review said they weren't sure if that was the main plot point, or if it was just one of the crazy things that happens on their journey.

Here's hoping it's a seriously funny time. Phillips knows what might be expected of him and how a sequel can be a let down, "I'm not delusional. I know what I'm up against. I saw Meet The Fockers. But we're aiming high. It's called The Hangover Part Two, you know."

Extra Tidbit: When I went to google images for THE HANGOVER, this came up. Someone had a hell of a night.
Source: EmpireLatino Review



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