Tom Cruise being sought for Sean Connery's role in the Highlander reboot


While a HIGHLANDER remake has been in development for some time, there hasn't been much word on the street since Ryan Reynolds left the project early last year. Well, it's about that time and the latest casting buzz is that Tom Cruise is being approached for the role Sean Connery made so popular in the original. I'm sure there are literally dozens of options for Cruise once he wraps up MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5, but if he sees what he likes and is itching to work with first time feature-film director Cedric Nocals-Troyan, there's no doubt he'll scoop this up.

HIGHLANDER is actually one of those films I really want to see remade. I thoroughly enjoy the original in all of its cheesy glory, but I'd like to see a modern take on these so-called immortal swordsmen. Given his background in second-unit directing and visual effects supervising, Cedric Nocals-Troyan seems to know his way around the visual aesthetics of a film. If he is able to secure Tom Cruise, this project will gain a lot more traction. Here's hoping that's the case!

Extra Tidbit: Who would you cast in the Highlander remake alongside Tom Cruise?
Source: The Wrap



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