Tom Cruise declares lack of sanity in international trailer for Knight and Day

Regardless of what anyone thinks, Tom Cruise still has it. The guy still gets your attention, whether it's for his movies or personal life. He's not a shit actor either. People do a few bad movies, it happens. I think Cruise will surprise us again at some point, and until then will continue to be amusing. Rant end. Disagree if you please.

So KNIGHT AND DAY may not be that surprise, but I can't help but notice the positive reaction for the most part. This film doesn't look bad at all. A good bit of delightful action with an interesting cast including Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie Q, Marc Blucas, and Paul Dano.

The new international trailer definitely gives us more action. Plus it makes me wonder when Cameron Diaz is going to snap and drive the car off a bridge killing her and mangling half of Tom Cruise's face.

Check out the trailer below!

Extra Tidbit: Tom Cruise does not pack fudge!
Source: Yahoo Movies UK



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