Tom Cruise to revisit his bartending days for Rock of Ages?

Tom Cruise might be revisting his bartending days.

New Line is offering Mr. Cruise a supporting role in the upcoming musical ROCK OF AGES. They want him to play the bartender that belts out 80's hair band tunes. Cruise did a little bit of singing for TOP GUN when he let Kelly McGillis know that he had "Lost that Lovin' Feelin'".

Apparently Cruise has always really wanted to do a musical. But can the guy carry a tune? I guess it's not essential. They can do all sorts of things with bad vocals nowadays. Hell, half of the musical artists nowadays use that autotune shit.

Last we heard Seth Rogen was also up for a part in ROCK OF AGES. He was being considered for the role of Lonny the record producer/narrator of the story.

ROCK OF AGES is a Broadway musical that is being adapted for the big-screen. It's the journey of a relationship between a small town girl and a wannabe rocker set in the music scene of the 1980's. Songs will be heard from several bands of the time like Warrant, Styx, Poison, Mr. Big, Whitesnake, and Journey. Adam Shankman (BEDTIME STORIES, HAIRSPRAY) will be directing.

No word yet on who will be tackling the script.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite 80's hairband?
Source: Deadline



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