Tom Hanks makes a movie of Green Day's American Idiot

Is Tom Hanks a secret punk?

Well, "punk" might be an arguable term to describe Green Day, but Hanks knows a solid pop act when he sees it (look what he did for the One-ders).

That's why Hanks' Playtone production company is taking the band's concept album turned stage musical "American Idiot" to the big screen, according to Deadline.

The rock opera follows three suburban teens who try to escape their mundane lives and end up going down very different paths: one takes off for a life in the city, one leaves home to fight for his country and one stays behind, frozen in the safety of suburbia. The show (gearing up for a Broadway run) obviously features a number of the band's familiar punk-pop tunes.

While Green Day's songs may not be as recognizable as Swedish disco, Hanks is presumably hoping to meet the success of the ABBA-filled musical-turned-feature MAMMA MIA! (which somehow raked in over $600 million worldwide), and not the crushing failure of NINE.

Extra Tidbit: Another secret about Hanks: he once dressed as a woman to get an apartment in a female-only building. His friend Peter Scolari still lives there.



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