Tom Hardy replacing Sam Worthington in McG's This Means War

Usually when a big name actor leaves a project, it’s not a terribly good sign. But what about when he’s replaced by a better actor? Thumbs up!

According to Vulture, Tom Hardy is stepping in for Sam Worthington in McG’s THIS MEANS war to star opposite Chris Pine. Knowledge of Hardy was until recently only relegated to the devoted few who saw ROCKNROLLA and BRONSON, but with INCEPTION his profile has been posted further, and by the time his MAD MAX installment comes along, he’ll probably be a household name.

No word on why Worthington dropped out of WAR, but I think Hardy is a better actor. Despite being the lead in the biggest film of all time, Worthington is a bit of a blank slate. I mean, the man was literally a bricklayer in Australia before James Cameron found him. I’m sure his abilities will grow with time, but in the meantime, he’ll be comfortable with just pointing weapons at things and yelling.

And that’s pretty much what THIS MEANS WAR seems to be, as the official synopsis goes something like this:

Two best friends, both of whom are spies, who go to war with each other after falling in love with the same woman (Reese Witherspoon ). It’s about what’s more important — your best friend or the love of your life — and what happens when the two come into conflict with each other.”

Bros before hoes guys! Bros before hoes!

Extra Tidbit: I'm actually pretty goddamn pumped for the new MAD MAX movie.
Source: Vulture



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